Scanning and Archiving

scan, archive and send with smart scanning

Scanning plays a key role in any legal or IT based office. At first glance, it might seem that it’s a feature with limited functionality, but that’s quite far from the truth.

Using high performance, in-depth and smart software development. PLR Legal can provide scanning solutions which integrate and automate archiving. Images, documents, and files can be captured quickly and in bulk by an MFD (Multifunction Device), and then distributed and saved securely to any location you desire.

Additionally, advanced features such as barcode scanning and OCR (Optical Character Recognition), we provide our clients with a way to scan documents to an editable format, such as a Microsoft Word file, or even integration with existing CRM’s for fast and effortless archiving or supplementation of existing accounts.

how can scanning and archiving help?

Save documents to any folder, local or cloud based

Automate your scans so that they save to any location you desire. With customised scanning workflows which we integrate into your current systems, you can automate an unlimited number of tasks at the touch of a button.

Save your documents to PDF’s to have them easily locatable later, and name them through an easy to use interface, directly from the MFD itself.

Also, with a built-in file browser, you can manually define where your files can go quickly and easily.

Share the best-looking files, clean up and improve after scanning

Remove undesirable blobs and coffee cup stains, or any other blemishes which affect the presentation of your documents so you can share great looking files with your clients.

Crop borders from images before sharing, and de-skew to straighten anything which might be at an odd angle or imperfect.

In addition, you can also add stamping, pagination and delete blank pages, allowing you to share carefully prepared and well-presented files to anyone.

Streamline distribution

Scan documents straight to email or fax. Easily send small or large quantities of files to whoever you want all at the press of a button.

For higher volume scanning and emailing a deeper level of integration is required to ensure that there is no interruption or failure of a message. Our systems integrate with your exchange server, allowing larger jobs to send as if it were a normal email.

Secure Scanning

With the ability to scan after intelligent authentication steps, you can make sure that your files are being handled only by the people they need to be.

After scanning, settings can be put into place which assigns permission to your team. If there are sensitive documents which need to be handled carefully, ensuring that they are seen only by the appropriate colleagues is crucial to maintaining client trust.

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