Case Management Development

integrated, smart case management

Case Management Systems, or CMS’s, provide businesses across the UK with a way to consolidate their workflow onto one secure, easily accessible and intuitive platform.

PLR Legal specialise in these Case Management Systems, offering integration and support to each one of our clients.

We work with industry leading CMS’s such as Proclaim to make sure that any requirement can be met, and ensure that they’re set up to provide you with as many benefits as you need to optimise your workflow.

Providing a completely bespoke solution to streamline your team’s processes, our expert engineers and support staff will integrate your new CMS into your office, and provide remote and face-to-face assistance when it’s needed.

how can case management development help?

Have the information you need, quickly

An all-encompassing, completely bespoke system which can integrate and accommodate your existing processes to deliver an advanced Customer Relationship Management platform.

Incoming scans of documents can automatically archive into the same location, with the capability to be stored in locations decided by you, allowing for even faster retrieval and storage of information.

Have all the information you need on your clients one click away, adapted to your office. The Proclaim CMS also integrates with your social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to track client and potential customer’s social activity.

Optimise files and streamline workflows

Manage all your cases from one secure, organised and powerful platform. Have the capability to store, produce and manage all your files and cases at the press of a button.

Manage workflows from one platform

Make sure that every case is handled consistently, with diaries linking to case activities and automated reminders, making sure that you don’t miss major events. A bespoke platform which is built around your current processes allows you to automate your administration so you can concentrate on bringing your clients the best service.

Track your activities to improve your service

Record time for every action taken, and produce automated reports for any activity, allowing you to achieve better results and prioritise your time.

Bespoke service for a quick and concise integration

Our team of experts take every aspect of your requirements into account and deliver a system which has been scaled to and tailored for your business.

Integrating directly into your existing workflow and with training provided, you’ll be able to use your new CMS quickly and seamlessly.

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