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Solicitors Own Software (SOS) works with over 450 progressive legal businesses across the UK. SOS Connect is a firm-wide legal software solution. It is designed to help your firm innovate and evolve in the new legal era, sharpening how you operate and how you serve your clients.

Within SOS Connect legal software, case management can be configured to be as automated or as non-prescriptive as required.

A wide range of workflow templates are available that can be tailored to each department's needs. This ensures the system suits every work type precisely, be it for your commercial or private client teams.

There are also tools within the system that can help you build or edit workflows yourself, and our scripting team will support firms undertaking this. Alternatively, our scripting team can undertake the entire tailoring work for you to deliver ready-tailored workflow.

how can it help?

Conveyancing workflow
Conveyancing case management software can help reduce your fee-earner/support staff ratio and free lawyers from repetitive tasks. Case management legal workflows can streamline operational efficiency to maximise profit from conveyancing work.
  • Email and document management built in that PLR-Legal can customise to your requirements and provide high quality print solutions to suit every printing requirement you have.
  • Workflows are available for sale, purchase, remortgage and new plot sales
  • Workflows can be as automated or non-prescriptive as required
  • Tailorable file inception routines
  • Automatic disbursement capture
  • Electronic posting routines to accounts department
  • Integrates with online search providers
  • Integrates with BigHand/Winscribe digital dictation
  • Integrates with all major legal forms providers
Probate and wills workflow

Case management legal workflows can streamline operational efficiency to lever the best profit from wills and probate work. Fixed fees are forcing many law firms to revisit how they deliver will writing.

Will builder module

  • Will production system
  • Questions based system builds will by including appropriate clauses/paragraphs
  • Integrates with BigHand/Winscribe DD
  • Integrates with all major legal forms providers

Probate module

  • Lasting power of attorney module
  • Automated production of estate accounts
  • Automated production of IHT forms
  • Email and document management built in
  • Integrates with Bighand/Winscribe DD
  • Integrates with all major legal forms providers

These workflow modules will help you improve how you deliver these sensitive legal services to your clients, and liberate fee earners from repetitive tasks to allow for more competitive pricing.

Personal injury workflow

SOS appreciates that fixed fee pricing is forcing many law firms to revisit how they deliver Personal Injury services. SOS has workflows that cater for all categories of PI work for both claimant and defendant.

  • Customised workflow templates for all types of work including RTA, industrial accidents and catastrophic injury
  • Key dates diary to enter all elements of proceedings including integration with Outlook diary and tasks
  • Workflows can escalate key processes to supervisors
  • Links to RTA portal for low value PI claims
Debt recovery workflow

SOS recognises that lean profit margins in debt recovery work demand high levels of efficiency. SOS can also tailor case flows for debt management work.

  • Tailorable file inception routines
  • Individual or bulk import of new cases
  • Letter Before Action (LBA) routines
  • Debt calculation and re-calculation routines
  • Automated bill production routines
  • Consolidated billing
Commercial and litigation workflow

Flexible case management can streamline the operational performance of commercial and litigation teams to help underpin consistently good service for your business clients.

  • Tailorable file inception routines
  • Works entirely from within Microsoft Outlook
  • Automated filing for both outgoing and in-coming emails
  • Document management with version control
  • Email management
  • Billing profiles for automated bill production
  • Automated time recording
  • Integration with court bundling software
  • Integration with BigHand/Winscribe digital dictation
  • Integration with all major legal forms providers

SOS understands that commercial and litigation teams require a less prescriptive approach to case management, yet can still benefit from some levels of automation within their legal software.

Legal aid workflow

With the move of the Legal Services Commission to the Ministry of Justice, SOS appreciates that legal aid firms need to operate even more efficiently to help future-proof their organisations.

Our legal aid case management workflows are designed to:

  • Enhance your accountability to the LSC
  • Streamline operations and reduce overheads
  • Improve the service you deliver to your clients

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