proclaim case management

Proclaim is the UK’s leading and most popular case management system. In use by over 24,000 legal professionals across the nation it provides excellent solutions as well as a simple to use interface.

Our solutions integrate with Proclaim quickly and easily, and build upon the benefits you’ll already have in place.

Additionally, PLR Legal can help integrate Proclaim into law offices who are thinking of taking advantage of its features, and our team are ready to provide any support that may be required.

what does it do?

Data Storage
A secure, organised and powerful location for all information relating to your cases and files.
Document Production
Produce single, or multiple documents at the click of one button. Combine files into organised, paginated bundle, quickly and easily.
Document Management
Manage your files from one central library, with the capabilities to navigate and search. Every document which you scan can also be uploaded here automatically allowing for quick and simple data retrieval.
CRM and Business Development
An all-encompassing, completely bespoke system which can integrate and accommodate your existing processes to deliver an advanced Customer Relationship Management platform. Have all the information you need for your clients one click away, adapted to your office. The Proclaim CMS also integrates with your social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to track client and potential customer’s social activity.
Task Management
Manage your calendar and appointments, linking into all case activities. Automated reminders help to make sure important events aren’t missed.
Costs Budgeting and Management
Providing a platform for you to be able to view and organise costs, spending and budget categories for fee earners and management.
Deal with all cases and files consistently and maintain your standards easily. Add automated elements which complete time-consuming admin activities for you.
Unlimited Flexibility
Proclaim’s customisability allows it to be configured to your preferred way of working, tailor everything so that it can work exactly how you need it to.
Time Recording
For industries where time management is vital, Proclaim can automatically record time against every action (incoming and outgoing) taken.
A user-definable reporting suite allows in-depth interrogation of any element of data contained within Proclaim. Reports can even be scheduled to auto-run at set times / dates and be distributed to pre-defined contacts, all with no manual intervention required.
Text Messaging
Integrated SMS text messaging is available at the click of a button, and can be incorporated into workflow to automatically send messages at key file stages.

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