LEAP case management

LEAP is solely focused on the needs of small law firms and sole practitioners. Therefore, it’s case management solutions are created to help you provide a better quality of service, make more money and enjoy the practice of law more.

LEAP Legal Software provides everything you need to run a small law firm including an integrated document management system, time recording, billing and client accounting in a single, elegant product.

how can it help?

Legal App for Mobile & Tablet
EAP mobile and tablet apps allow you to communicate with clients and colleagues, record time and access matter documentation, all from the palm of your hand.
Matter Management
Handle matter accounting, time recording and case documentation from a central location. LEAP integrates with leading providers including Xero and InfoTrack search, enabling full matter management.
Legal Document Preparation
Legal document preparation couldn't be easier with legal forms and precedent templates for all common areas of law.
Legal Document Management
Don't waste time looking for documents. Use LEAP’s smart legal document management system to share, find and retrieve matter information.
Legal Document Automation Software
Create and manage legal precedents and forms the fast way: merge data direct from the matter.
Email Management Software
LEAP merges client details with your email system to create professional correspondence.
Legal Accounting Software
Integrate your Accounting System with your Legal Software
Quality legal content
A user of LEAP you have access to the most comprehensive and up to date library of legal forms available all automated to include your clients matter information with latest legal rates and calculations applied.
Legal Time Recording Software
Record your billable units with more accuracy and less effort, direct from a matter. Capture every minute of work.
Legal Billing Software
Take the pain out of bookkeeping. Track billable units, manage trust and client monies and capture all disbursements.
Legal Reporting Software
Use LEAP's insight-rich billing and timekeeping reports to measure your firm’s performance with confidence.
Integrated Legal Search
InfoTrack integrated legal search allows you to order all searches directly from the matter and makes it easy to manage your legal disbursements.
Legal Charges and Costs
Legal charges and costs are built into LEAP, so your firm is compliant with professional obligations.
Cloud Legal Computing Software
LEAP cloud computing software gives your team the mobility to work anywhere, anytime.
Law Firm Marketing
Helping law firms attract new clients.
Legal Compliance
LEAP’s in-built legal compliance saves time and gives you peace of mind.
Legal Aid Software
Helping the lawyers who help people.
Legal Software Integrations
LEAP has extra features and legal software solutions that integrate seamlessly to provide everything you need to run your small law firm and make more money!

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