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Drivve | Image is a high performance, feature-rich scanning software that offers you a smart way to enhance and seamlessly integrate your scan workflows into your information infrastructure. Drivve | Image optimizes business processes by intelligent capture, processing and distribution in full security.

Login to Drivve | Image at your scan device and access personalized profiles, that allow for one-touch automated multilayer scan and distribution processes. Two-way communication between your sever, database and business solutions, and your scan device of choice allows you to use existing information to name, categorize and file scanned documents or add important data from manual input, barcodes or intelligent text analysis. Multiple modules help to customize Drivve | Image‘s performance to the need of your business and make sure you will find the scanned document optimized, and enriched by relevant data, filed at the exact right place within seconds.

Scanning documents is a mission critical task for companies of all sizes. To guarantee the most efficient, enhanced and secure execution of this crucial process becomes key to a successful business. Drivve | Image owns the power to tremendously optimize the scan processes of virtually any organization or person using a scanner.

By bringing together a comprehensive set of best-in class, intelligent scanning features including foolproof security functions and a ridiculously user-friendly design, Drivve | Image transforms your entire network of input devices into an exceptionally integrative, finely tuned programmable ignition system for your workflows.

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Scanner Power Tools

Whether your input device of choice is a simple desktop scanner, one of the many new networkable models, or a multifunctional device, Scanner Power Tools may soon become one of the key components in your organization’s quest for Total Office Integration. The core of the Drivve | Image suite, SPT is the command center that links input devices to your network (and the world) and enables you to automate an unlimited number of tasks — all at the touch of a button.

Use this programmable set of tools to optimize scan quality and and create customized scanning workflows in seconds for each type of document. When used together with the other Drivve | Image modules, SPT leverages virtually all your existing data to make tasks a total no-brainer.

Barcode Module

If you’re looking for ways to make work flow smoothly throughout, whether it be from one desk to another in the same office or from one retail store to HQ, the Drivve | Image Barcode Module is one of the more powerful instruments in the suite’s toolbox. Virtually nothing will help you keep it all together, locally or globally, than a two-dimensional bar code.

Bar codes make document routing happen without a thought. But they can be even more crucial to saving you money when you employ them at the center of such sensitive processes as remote verification or auditing or anything touching on questions of traceability.

Exchange | Fax Connector

What happens when you need to do some serious emailing or faxing, when you need to get an email blast or a fax broadcast off in a hurry? Not many scanners or multifunctional devices can handle such a big job on their own. That’s because group blasts or broadcasts demand a machine that’s integrated with your Exchange server or fax server, because you need access to the email addresses and fax numbers you have stored on them.

Enter the Exchange | Fax Connector from Drivve | Image. Email to the sales team? Just hit the “Sales” button. Fax to all your PR agencies around the globe announcing your new release? Select PR from that drop-down list and you’re done.

Lotus Notes | Domino Connector

Direct integration with IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

Drivve | Image provides direct integration with your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration solution. Send scanned documents through your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino server directly from your personal email account and you'll find the sent email in your sent box (you'll even receive a message if an email is undeliverable). Or, drop an email to your drafts and edit the message before sending it.

Access address books within IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

Log in at your scan device for secure address book access and email right from your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino account. Easily chose To, Cc, and Bcc recipients from your address books, or enter the recipient's address manually from your device’s control panel. Then send copies of your email message to one or more people simultaneously.

Optimize, email and file a document in one step

Streamline and accelerate your distribution related business processes by scanning, emailing and filing your documents right from your scanning device. During the scan process Drivve | Image optimizes image quality and provides integration to your third-party applications, like your document management and your IBM Lotus Notes and Domino collaboration solution.

Database Connector

As you’ve seen, SPT can work wonders with document processing all on its own. But nothing compares to what happens when you plug the Database Connector into the equation — yet another dimension is discovered. It’s not just a matter of generating scan packages that are pushed to your network. Nor is it a question of relying on end users to input vital information by hand. The Drivve | Image Database Connector enables you to pull relevant info, decisively, from your already existing information infrastructure and apply it immediately to the task at hand.

What are some of the benefits of this direct integration? speed: no more hunting around for that customer number; it’s already in place. accuracy: by using your database’s readily available info for indexing, human error all but disappears. autopopulation: you provide one piece of information by hand and an array of additional, directly tapped data appears magically in the search field interface — simply choose what you want to insert into a specific index or eForm field.

OCR Module

Optical Character Recognition: the terms “digital office,” “office automation,” or even “document/content management” are absolutely meaningless without it. That’s because OCR doesn’t just make your scanned documents readable — it makes them intelligible, by a system that is greater than the sum of its parts: Your Company Name Here.

Whether you need OCR to convert your simple TIFF scans to searchable PDFs or to pull a contract or customer number from a scanned contract in order to use it as the Master Index that keeps all the other scans in the transaction together and retrievable — Drivve | Image’s OCR Module is quite exacting in its operation.


Organizations using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services will be happy to know they have a powerful strategic ally to help them get their input devices integrated with their SharePoint systems.

Drivve’s SharePoint Connector module brings the full force of the Drivve | Image suite to bear on the task of automating distributed capture in flexible, creative ways. From the creation of point-of-scan, personalized profiles through image processing and file format conversion, to autogenerated file names and filing structures, the SharePoint Connector makes feeding your SharePoint installation effortless.

Digital Rights Management

When considering the security of the information your documents contain there is one salient concern to keep top of mind: Who is allowed to access the information contained and who is not.

Today’s businesses are more than aware of the necessity to retain control of sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access to, extraction from, forwarding or editing of information. The Drivve | Image Digital Rights Management manages access permissions to documents. The permissions are assigned to the document itself so no matter where the file is going, nobody can open it without the required permission.

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