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Every law firm can take steps to reduce their energy spending, and making sure that they are using the most appropriate devices to accomplish this is something PLR Legal can help in. Sending jobs to the printer by mistake can result in a significant amount of toner and paper to be wasted, not to mention the environmental impact and the amount of energy the device processing the job is using. Too many mistakes like this can result in an excessive cost to the business and are something that can be avoided with the right technology and expertise.

The award-winning, energy-saving devices which we supply are designed to optimise power usage, using its total requirements only when it needs to. With this goal in mind they employ clever technology such as motion sensors, a fast warm-up time from standby, prompting on front facing displays and configurable power settings.

Print management software can help you organise how your team uses the office printing devices by allowing you to assign quotas to each colleague, giving you control to reduce wastage and unnecessary spending.

why choose us?

Reduce wastage
Cut down on wasted consumables and energy with managed print solutions, which in turn will reduce monthly spending.
Reporting on energy usage
Using our print management solutions, you can examine reports on things like your CO2 and carbon emissions, by volume or even by tree – all showing your impact on the environment and letting you take steps to improve things.

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