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When working in an office where the handling of sensitive information is a critical part of everyday tasks, security is something that should be taken very seriously. An effective control over every document which passes through any system or device in the business is essential to minimise reputational risk. Our devices, services and solutions utilise the latest security features to ensure that our customers can operate securely.

Devices which can print, scan, photocopy or fax save every piece of information that passes through them on the device’s hard drive. When that hard drive is replaced or the machine sold on the information goes along with it. Our solutions provide you with peace of mind to overcome these concerns, and using advanced techniques we can make your office printing and infrastructure as secure as possible. Using our large selection of solutions, we can work with you to create or integrate with a system which you’re happy with.

why choose us?

Secure your documents
Scan and save to secure local or cloud based storage. Access this from anywhere using a user login portal.
Make sure files are handled properly
Using print release software, you can ensure that no sensitive material is waiting to be picked up after being printed – only print after a colleague has authenticated themselves after reaching the device.
Securely dispose of documents
Once cases have been closed, the destruction of documents may be necessary. We can provide solutions which can dispose of these in a secure and concise action.
Support and advice
When starting work with us, one of our experts will perform a quick audit of the solutions we’ll supply to you, and will work with you to implement and integrate any security measures which might be needed.

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