Print branded paper in-house

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September 11, 2018
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Print branded paper in-house

Many of the law firms which we help get their premium branded paper printed by a professional printing company. This allows them to present ultra-high-quality documents to their clients and to a courtroom, demonstrating a professional appearance and attention to detail.

This is a necessity for any law firm but it usually comes at a high cost, or at least a cost which is higher than what needs to be spent. Whilst premium printed paper can cost just a few pennies per page when buying in bulk, there are also extra elements which are included in the overall cost. The cost of printed paper includes the cost of the paper itself, as well as the ink and toner used to produce it, a small amount to cover the use of the machine, the printers time, admin costs, and even the delivery charges. This can mount up and to the printer’s credit, most charges are quite reasonable considering what is being paid for.

Print letterheaded paper from your office copier

However, with the enormous leaps which have been made in office digital printing technology over the past decades, it is possible for law firms (or any organsation for that matter) to print branded, letterheaded paper in-house on their office photocopier or printer to the same high-quality standards achieved by the specialists. Costs are drastically reduced, as all that’s needed to be spent is the cost of the high-grade paper to print on, and any other normal costs associated with running the office photocopier.

Many of PLR Legal’s customers now benefit from drastically reduced print spending annually because of this. They use the state-of-the-art office photocopier to print their branded paper on with the same outcome as a professionally printed alternative. With our help, a dedicated paper tray on their device is permanently allocated for premium-grade paper for printing branded documents, and special rules are placed onto their systems which tell the copier to print multiple copies of the same document onto the various types of paper required for court (internal use on regular copy paper, branded paper for court on high-quality paper). Doing this saves them time as they don’t have to print off the same document multiple times from different printer trays or printers.

Same quality, small price

Often, we are asked about the quality comparison between a document printed off from a dedicated printing company and one printed in-house. When examining documents printed from both sources side by side, there are no differences. As part of a standard preparation process, PLR Legal’s elite team of solutions experts spend time cross checking each element of the 2 documents to make sure that the independently produced version is identical. The colours are matched by adjusting settings on the device, and every step is taken to guarantee that the quality is an exact match.

We recognise the importance of brand and appearance to every legal firm we deal with, and we will always confirm with a designated member of staff or even the partners of a firm that each element of the branded documents produced by the devices we provide maintain the high-standards required.

Our customers have saved tens of thousands of pounds in the years since they made the decision to print in-house, and the cost of each piece of branded paper is a fraction of what it was. On a managed print service, the cost of the toner cartridges is all included within a fixed monthly or quarterly cost (from as little as £20pm), so they don’t need to spend £1000’s regularly on maintaining a stock of toner.

Making smart changes like this can save any law firm money and time, and also increase their effectiveness and productivity. Quality and branding is not affected at all, and there are many additional benefits to printing in-house, such as being able to print off marketing materials or presentation assets.

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